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The Hard Boys Series by Ian Cadena Blog Tour

Exclusive Guest Post

I answered the knock at my dorm room in the late night, pulling open the spring-loaded door. There in an empty hallway stood Andy with his blond hair buzzed tight on the sides and spiked on top. He wore soft flannel pajama bottoms and a loose t-shirt, well, as loose as it could drape on his athletic build. 

“Andy?” I said confused by the late hour and knowing he resided on the floor above. 

He stepped in directly, forcing me back as the door shut behind him. He never laid a hand on me. Never touched me. He just continued to step into my space until I was up against a wall and his face mere inches from mine. 

“Is everything alright?” There was definitely something wrong. 

His pale blue eyes blinked at me with a purpose. He stood his ground. Our eyes locked. He nudged his face at mine stopping short as our noses grazed. 

I gulped. He didn’t speak. He didn’t move. “What’s wrong?” I nervously stroked the spikes of his hair. I didn’t know why. Actually, I did. His hair was soft. I liked it. I had curly and frizzed hair and I envied his was straight and could spike. And how could it be spiked and soft at the same time? So jealous. It wasn’t the first time I touched his hair like that. I had done it before while we hung out, realizing it only too late and how gay that came off. But Andy never said anything and he never pulled away. Just like now. He let me stroke it. He still hadn’t spoken. Didn’t answer any of my questions. He just penetrated me with those baby blues. My heart zigged and zagged. I was completely confused. Then it hit me. The only thing that made sense. I concluded the only reason an attractive guy came to my room in the night in his sleepwear on the weekend my roommate was out of town. I took a sidestep to regain my space and focus. “Are you sleepwalking?” 

He shifted those fierce blues to me and kept them drilling me for a while longer. Then they flushed with exasperation. He turned and left without ever uttering a word or touching me. 


This scene seems like gold for a romance or erotic novel. Yet, this was the angst and confusion that marred my adolescence and college years. This was a true event in my life. I believe it was the first, but it was definitely not the last, although they all ended the same—me missing a sex session with a hot guy! All of the scenes practically presented like those cheesy situations you see in scripted porn and say, “That would never happen in real life.” 


 How could I be so oblivious? Especially, since I had watched plenty of porn. I had shifted from watching straight porn, to bi, to gay. But the difference between the scenarios that unfolded on video and in real life was that the incidents on screen happened between two (or more) hot guys. I never thought of myself as attractive so how could a guy be hitting on me. You see, I was so naive I didn’t even figure out I was gay until after college. All the clues had been there even when I was a kid. I was a comic book fanatic growing up and loved pretty male heroes in skintight costumes.


I also have been a paranormal fanatic since I was a kid. Every show or movie I watched required a monster, alien, or something supernatural. Every Saturday I’d go to the Library (what are those?) and check out books about unexplained mysteries that included: UFO encounters, ghosts, psychic phenomena, bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and a slew of other cryptids. Since then, my fascination into the unexplained has not altered or wavered.  All of this contributed to my self-image of a geek. And this was before being a nerd was considered hot or sexy. I had low self-esteem and confidence so it wasn’t too shocking really that a guy flirting eluded me completely.

When I decided to write seriously, of course, I chose to write about the supernatural, monsters, and sci-fi! I did write several sex scenes into my stories but cut them later because I felt they were too graphic for the general public. But I really wanted to keep them in the story, but ultimately went with the cut and in the end felt I betrayed myself, my characters, and my story.

I had heard of romance and erotic novels but writing that was just as taboo as watching or starring in porn. I knew it was looked down upon. Despite that taboo and negativity with the genre it still itched at my brain for years. Then with the advent of the internet it became easier to track trends, and whether the romance/erotica genre gained in popularity or merely continued its reign, it was definitely easier to see now. For the first time, I entertained there could very well be an audience for my stories with sex included.

Apprehension still gripped me of course. First, really pulling the trigger on putting out an erotic novel knowing that it still isn’t openly well received. Second, doing so in the gay genre. I only really knew of M/F stories. As I explored I did find M/M romance stories that included all the angst I was too familiar with. Albeit, not exactly for the same reasons. But I found myself craving something more. I yearned to combine my two favorite subjects: Porn & Paranormal! And then I discovered the M/M Paranormal Genre filled with shifters: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons & Dragons.

Eureka! Yet, as fast as I discovered this genre I was struck with another obstacle. I write my stories because I believe I have something new or a unique twist to offer a subject or genre. Most of what I was reading was already done so well by a bunch of fantastic authors. I honestly didn’t think there was anything I could offer better in this shifter arena. There were plenty of amazing dark supernatural sex stories. I put my dilemma on the backburner of my brain and just indulged in these sexy dark stories filled with creatures of the night. The more I read, the more the dark, tortuous elements became more pronounced to me. All filled with shifters. And that’s when it hit me. Something new I could offer the M/M Paranormal Genre. FUN! These stories are excellent, don’t get me wrong. But I missed some of the humor mixed in from shows like Kolchak: The Night Stalker. The relationship and banter between Carl Kolchak and Tony Vincenzo were priceless. Also, I saw an opportunity to present the paranormal to readers that didn’t have to be focused around a vampire or werewolf. And what better way to do it than a group of paranormal investigators that get laid during the quest for answers to unexplained mysteries.

Thus, The Hard Boys were born. They go on rip-roaring adventures on cases much like the mysteries I grew up reading about in books and in a TV episodic format. I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to revisit the frustrations of my past and repaint them how things could and most likely should have been. As writers, we not only get to relive history but every now and then we get a chance to rewrite it with an opportunity to turn those DAMNs in our life into a HOT DAMN!

The Hard Boys: Alien Abduction (Case #1)


Ethan & Justin Hard, along with their best friend Sparky, have formed Enigma Investigations to search out paranormal activity.

When their first potential...and adorable...client experiences missing time after a UFO sighting the Hard boys are all too eager to jump on his case. Will the Hard boys be able to solve what happened during his lapse of time?

Amazon US  ★ Amazon UK  ★ Amazon CAAmazon AU


Ethan Hard and Justin Hard shared the same job.

They were both fitness models. They were also the nude spokesmodels for the cologne Shred (The fragrance so stimulating people will want to Shred your clothes off).

Ethan and Justin Hard also shared the same surname. However, they were not related.

They were both not only dedicated to their hard bodies, but to the hard physiques and cocks of other guys. It would be too easy to predict that Ethan and Justin would shred their clothes for each other and hook-up. Nonetheless, they decided their friendship was more like brothers rather than partners, lovers, or fuck-buddies. So they agreed they would absolutely not have sex with one another. Well, it wasn’t until Justin’s silky cock pulsed out its third load into Ethan’s bare ass that they started to feel more of a kinship than boyfriends.

Ethan ruffled Justin’s crow-black hair as he plopped down on his chest in exhaustion. “I love your hair, it’s cute.” And it remained soft despite all the hair product forced into it for their photoshoots.

“Just my hair?”

“No,” Ethan gave a short laugh. “Of course all of you, duh, we’re models.” He appreciated Justin’s close-cut faded haircut that complimented his strong jaw lines and square chin. “But, no, I love your dick,” he saw in Justin’s dark chocolate eyes this was the compliment he fished for and he could not help but indulge Justin in all things. Ethan did admire Justin’s clean shaven eight-inch cock. Cocks were just cocks for the most part. Ethan had been with plenty of guys for comparison, but Justin’s was definitely pretty. Just like the rest of him. They both had athletic toned bodies with a large vein running the crest of their hard biceps, but Ethan thought that Justin had a more cut chest and abs. Although, his chiseled torso could merely have been augmented by his shiny olive form. He shaved everything. The only hair on his body was on top of his head. His crack was even smooth. Ethan’s butt was smooth as well, but his ass globes were definitely more grabbable and lickable than Justin’s…in his humble opinion. He wished he could lick his own hole. That would be hot!

Justin pushed himself up so he could stare into Ethan’s blue eyes that had a perpetual smile baked within. They had been best friends since they were kids, and he never grew tired of looking into those baby blues. They were like a warm welcome home. He adored how Ethan looked a little lost without his glasses. He grabbed his onyx square designer frames from the pillow top and put them back on Ethan’s aquiline nose, framing his wide-set eyes. “It was fun fucking those right off. You sure you didn’t feel anything?” Justin’s cock still throbbed inside Ethan.

“Well, I didn’t cum,” Ethan said more nonchalant than disappointed; his muscular blond peach fuzzed swimmer’s legs swung over Justin’s shoulders. He evaded the question. That was no easy task staring into Justin’s strong brow with thick plucked flat eyebrows. Floating below that strong brow were his deep warm brown eyes that melted his core. And he saw in Justin’s eyes that they searched inside him for something more. This is why they had agreed to be just friends. And they had agreed when one would get weak the other had to be strong. Instead of being in a committed relationship they decided to be committed to having fun, enjoying each other’s company and any other guys that came along for the ride. They were a team.

Justin’s eyes panned from Ethan’s thin tanned face down that pointed chin he had sucked on. His eyes drifted over his naturally smooth chest he envied with those perked nipples that his fingers never tired of fondling, along his cut torso—he would shower with gentle kisses—that tapered into his lean waist that only made his bubble-butt that more round and full. He traced a peach fuzz line from his belly button—past the veins skimming the surface of his pelvis that he enjoyed running the flat of his tongue along—to Ethan’s semi-hard dick. He’d seen him hard before to know he wasn’t sporting his full six-inches. He also noticed the small golden pubes above his dick were absent of goo. “No, you sure didn’t,” Justin agreed. “But I meant feelings,” he rested on his elbows with his hands cupped at the sides of Ethan’s face, stroking his brilliant round eyebrows that tapered at the end. “Nothing?”

“No,” he replied not harsh and not truthful. The fact being—even in Ethan’s current helpless position with his ass up and legs dangling in the air—he felt completely safe wrapped in the cocoon of Justin’s muscled body. “But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like you.”

“Uh huh, well then,” Justin’s dark eyes flashed mischief. “I want my loads back,” he flipped Ethan’s legs off him. He yanked his dick out with a grunt. “Damn, your hole is tight.”

“Your dick is thick.”

Justin spun him into doggy-style position. He slapped those beautiful peach colored ass cheeks. He took a firm grip and spread ‘em wide, exposing his swollen pucker from the pounding he gave it along with the three loads he emptied inside without a break. They were both at that age of peak sexual performance, but Justin had always been a spunk blowing machine. Ethan’s leaking ass was proof of that. Justin savored that inflamed billowing winker, it looked like puffy pursed lips puckering up for a kiss, and he loved sucking on guy’s thick lips. He ran his tongue up from Ethan’s smooth ball sac where his cum trickled down. He loved the taste of boy juice, and he loved the taste of his own even more, especially when served on a plate of warm scrotum. He only wished he could suck his own dick. He’d seen plenty of guys on the internet that could do it, and despite being in gymnastics not that long ago in high school, he wasn’t quite able to pull it off. He followed his cum trail up to Ethan’s distended hole. He was loose now. He sucked on his entrance and lapped at it. Pushing his tongue in was no problem as Ethan eagerly shoved back into his mouth. Justin spread him wider and mumbled, “Mmmkay,” in his hole and patted his ass letting Ethan know it was okay to give him the loads back.

Ethan’s cock was revived with Justin’s chiseled face and strong angled cheek bones buried between his meaty glutes probing and licking his channel. When Justin gave the okay, he was glad he always cleaned himself out before having sex. He pushed hard. He knew there was no shit, but he couldn’t help but cringe a little as he felt Ethan’s massive loads squirt out his hole. The harder he pushed the harder Justin sucked. He heard him gulp and choke on all the cum. Justin continued sucking down the remainder of his loads and tongue fucked Ethan’s pulsing hole, his tongue entering and retreating from Ethan’s anal ring. He let go of one ass cheek and started jerking Ethan’s cock in a fury.

“Ohhhh,” Ethan moaned. “I can’t take it, put your cock back in me. I’m getting close.”

“Nuhhhuhhh,” Justin said again from inside his anus. He yanked his face away from his ass, jamming his finger in as a replacement. He positioned his head on the bed under Ethan’s cock and started sucking on his mushroom head as his fist pumped his now fully erect shaft and his other hand pushed up into his prostate.

Justin’s hot mouth on his cock with his hands working his stick and butt-button shot Ethan’s brain into spasms along with his legs. He couldn’t hold his load anymore. His fingers gripped the sheets, his glasses fogged up, his pelvis hammered Justin’s face, and a gratifying yell exploded from his mouth as his load shot down into Justin’s throat with his balls slapping his square chin. Justin nursed the fresh delivery.

Okay, so it wasn’t the first time they fucked, but starting now, they would absolutely not have sex with one another.

The doorbell rang.

The Hard Boys Meet Dr. Frankenseed (Case #2)


Dr. Frankenseed: Experiencing Para-Hormonal Activity? Then Ethan & Justin Hard will be all over your case!

Mysteria is engulfed by power-outages and tumultuous weather. Ethan and Justin Hard must figure out what the cause is before the whole town is destroyed.

But with the Hard boys' newly super-charged anatomies, they may very well be the culprits!


Torrential rain swept across the roof of the house.

Thunder shook the neighborhood. Lightning fragmented the night sky. The lights of the house flickered. Bolts of electric current oscillated and jumped inside.

Ethan’s eyeglasses were on the bathroom counter. He stood in the large enclosed stone shower—that spiraled out like a seashell—with his arms up against the tile high above his head, his legs and arms both spread wide forming an X. It looked as though he were getting frisked. And if so, it was a strip search and Justin performed the cavity search.

Ethan’s naked body quaked from electric surges coursing through his toned body and from Justin’s chiseled form pounding him from behind. Ethan’s ten-inch erection crackled from the little cum that spritzed from his throbbing crown with every thrust of Justin’s thick long member that bore into him. He was just about dry. He stood in a puddle of his previous loads. Justin gyrated his nipples between his thumbs and fingers which drove his ass that much harder onto Justin’s boner. Not that he could have stopped if he wanted to with their alien altered electric cocks.

That was the point of this fun exercise to begin with. Each time, they tested to see how long they could go. The voltage running through them prevented them both from controlling their muscles. They just fucked relentlessly. The surges kept their cocks feeling between the edge of orgasm and just at the beginning of climax. It was not only a physical test but a mental one as their brains became engulfed in euphoric bliss and was almost impossible to have a rational or clear thought. They gave up doing these lengthy sessions in the bedroom to save laundry and clean-up time, hence the shower scene.

The fuck frenzy experience wasn’t just beyond pleasurable, but also a game to see who would tap-out first. And that too, was a game within itself. Because once one of them yielded, there was the challenge of actually being able to end it. In order to do that, they had to get to the jar of Brandon’s cum and apply it to their dicks, mainly the one who was plugged in. Right now, that would be Justin. It was usually Justin.

Justin’s hips flew back and forth in Ethan’s bubbly butt uncontrollably, every muscle popped from his back and backside. Even though he was taller than Ethan he still stood on the balls of his feet driving his fourteen-inch cock (thank you alien abductors) into Ethan’s fluttering velvet hole. Justin’s continuous orgasm drove him delirious. His loads had long filled Ethan and now splattered down his plunging shaft; strings of cum pulled back and forth between his thighs and Ethan’s ass cheeks churning into foam.

Ethan’s feet came off the tile as Justin raised him up, impaled on the end of his long pulsating cock. Ethan’s pucker kissed Justin’s smooth balls—his feet several inches off the floor. His hands supported the weight of his torso on the stone tile. The lights in the house went out; the bathroom now illuminated by flames from candles (they learned that solution). He slapped his hand against the wall.

Ethan tapped out.

Justin heard the slap. He didn’t see because his eyes were squeezed shut in rabid strain and jubilation, his fingers nimbly playing Ethan’s nipples. There were three square cutaway openings at the top of the shower that overlooked the bathroom. In each opening was a jar of Brandon’s insulating juice.

The key to freedom.

Ethan’s hand inched up the wall. He couldn’t speak anything audible, not that he could even think of a complete sentence. He just knew he had to get to one of the jars without Justin’s bucking making him miss or push the jar off on the other side (he had three chances to get it right). His feet still dangled in the air, but Justin’s impaling thrusts actually pushed him higher up the wall. Maybe he was helping in his own maddened way. Ethan’s cock jiggled in the air from Justin’s pounding and relentless dry orgasm. Ethan’s hand fumbled the jar; Justin’s throbbing flesh shocking his prostate. His toes curled, his hand tumbled the jar forward toward the bathroom side. Just as it toppled, he slapped it back, sending Brandon’s jarred load down his back. His back muscles directed the cum along his spine, flowing down his V-shape above his muscled buttocks, his glutes ushering the load between his cheeks and into his crack. The jar wedged between Justin’s clenched abs and the top of Ethan’s meaty rump—top down—dripping the remaining contents onto Justin’s pistoning member.

Justin’s cock slowed inside Ethan as he lowered him back to the ground. Justin finally popped his dick out of Ethan with a long satisfied groan, grabbing the empty jar. His legs wobbled as though he had just finished running a marathon and he collapsed onto the shower floor.

Ethan’s hole stayed opened on Justin’s departure and deposited the remainder of Justin’s creamy treasure down his leg and to the stone tile. He massaged his sphincter, feeling it close. He took the two remaining jars of essence of Brandon and plopped down next to Justin.

Ethan Hard and Justin Hard were great friends (not related). They were fitness models and spokesmodels for the most popular selling cologne on the market—Shred. Despite working in New York City they insisted on living in Mysteria, Connecticut so they could pursue another passion of theirs—paranormal research. They set up Enigma Investigations for just that purpose with the help of their best friend Tim Spark whom they lovingly referred to as Sparky. They were eager for another case, but as often happened they were eager to get off too. Which is what brought them to the shower floor and brings us to their next passion—getting laid with hot guys in as many unique ways as possible.

For them, the spark into supernatural phenomena was delivered by a young couple they brought home one night. The Hard boys insist to this day they were werewolves, or some kind of shifting paranormal entity. Ethan swore he saw one of them change for a moment. Although, it was difficult to get a definite look from over his shoulder as he got hammered on all fours. Justin had asked if he felt the teenager perhaps change inside him. Again, Ethan couldn’t swear since Chance had a big dick to begin with and could only attest to how amazing his flesh felt inside him…and that Chance pounded more than one orgasm out of him. Ethan asked Justin if he noticed any evidence of a transformation in Derek (the ginger he plowed on his back). Justin didn’t observe anything visual other than Derek being a voracious bottom (no complaints). His ass just about fractured his nuts and he left claw marks on his back, which they showed to Sparky later, to which he merely congratulated him on a fantastic fuck job saying they were from fingernails. Yay, Justin! They didn’t even bother mentioning to Sparky about the guttural growls that came out of the couple. Although, truth be told, all four of them let those fly that October night.

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2. Misery

1. The Wonder Boys

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When not concocting fiendish plots or wild adventures for his characters he is most likely throwing his Chihuahua’s ball (Nacho is relentless). When Nacho allows, Ian spends time with his husband, James. He enjoys working out, running, wine, and is something of a foodie.

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Evanders School for Enchanted Personage by Elaine White Book Blitz

Evanders School for Enchanted Personage

(Paranormal LGBT Trilogy)

1. The School of Second Chances

One Banshee. One Vampire. One Selkie. And a whole lot of trouble.

When a group of mishaps are drawn together at the most prestigious magical school in Scotland, vampires meet banshees, witches meet wolves, and things begin to happen that haven’t happened for an age. For these eight teenagers, turning sixteen has never seemed so terrifying. To learn how to hone their skills, they will discover more secrets lurking behind the shadows of their mythical lives than they ever realised existed. How they survive the school is one thing. How they survive each other will be quite another.


When Miss Faversham left, they had a few minutes to laugh about Addleberry forest and some of the more obvious rules. No one could understand why anyone would approach a werewolf in full transformation. Even Lane knew it was tantamount to suicide.

Payson smiled when he saw Lane offering to carry Felicity’s bags to her dormitory room. All their luggage had been taken to their dormitories already. But it seemed Lane had forgotten, because he was smitten with Felicity, or he was smitten and wanted any excuse to spend a little more time with her. Either way, he approved.

It was nice to see everyone getting along, and the faint blush that came to Felicity’s cheeks. She looked like a girl who had never been appreciated before. After her story of how she’d been bullied, Payson hoped that he and Lane could befriend her and show her that not everyone was a jerk.

He was only marginally surprised when he noticed Riley lingering. He stretched and stared enigmatically. Payson almost wondered if he had drifted off into one of his premonitions, until Estelle said goodnight and Riley returned the sentiment.

Payson decided to stay back to see what was going on, nodding to the twins as they passed, chatting amongst themselves. Then he noticed that Diantha was standing right in front of him, waiting for his attention. When had his instincts been so low as to not notice that sort of approach?

Before he could answer his own question, he caught Riley’s movement out the corner of his eye, perching on the arm of a sofa as if waiting for him. Then he realised he was almost fixating on Riley. It didn’t make any sense.

Seeing the future was incredible, but with a bit of a violent streak in his own nature, Payson loved the ability Riley had of using just his voice as a weapon. It was something he envied. All he had were fangs. Nothing new or interesting there.

But admiration for his gift couldn’t be the only thing drawing him to the boy, could it?

“Well, we’re here. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Do you fancy going for a walk with me and exploring a little?” Diantha wondered.

“That sounds good,” he lied, sensing an ulterior motive. He was far too busy trying to figure out Riley, so he said whatever he had to say to get rid of her.

To his relief, Diantha smiled and said goodnight before heading off down the corridor that led to the dormitories.

Now that he was completely alone with Riley, Payson could feel his heart racing and his fangs desperate to make an appearance. He was suddenly starving; like he had never fed before.

“Thanks for earlier. For taking the heat off me,” he said to the banshee. He couldn’t think properly, but it seemed the right thing to say, and Riley smiled, which sent his stomach into somersaults.

“I know what it’s like to be different.” Riley shrugged it off, while admitting to a truth that neither of them wanted to face.

The mix of sensations running through Payson died on impact with those words. Suddenly, his life seemed a whole lot more complicated than it had ever been before. “Yeah, but we’re all different. I hardly thought not dating my best friend would be an issue. And now they all know I’m gay, which I wasn’t planning to broadcast,” he admitted with a sigh of disapproval.

It was difficult enough being gay at all, at an age when it seemed like the entire high school was dating. Acceptance was more widespread, but there were still the usual bigots and homophobic jibes to face at school. It was the whole reason he hadn’t come out yet and let it be known that his ‘dating’ life was private. That and his ‘tough guy’ manner, thanks to his secret vampire nature, kept them quiet. But now he’d just outed himself and didn’t know why.

“You would think that, considering I’m a vampire, you’re a banshee, and they’re wizards, it wouldn’t make an ounce of difference who I dated or when.” He sighed, disapproving of the way the world worked.

Why was it so hard, and why did no one understand? The heart chose who the heart chose, timing be damned. No one could choose who they loved.

He had tried once to convince himself to love a girl—another vampire; even Diantha—but it was no use. He had always known the truth, and denying it just to be what everyone else thought was normal was stupid. He just hadn’t ever been that interested in anyone. At least, not before Riley. And it had physically hurt him trying to convince himself otherwise. He would never do that again.

“But it does,” Riley disagreed, much to his surprise. “Being a different magical creature is one thing; it’s something we all share with each other, against the world. But being sixteen and not dating? Even worse, being sixteen and wanting to date other boys? It’s like a crime to the twins.” He shrugged. “I don’t know why they make such a big deal of it, since they’re not dating either and neither of them have to broadcast their interest. But for you and me, it’s different … dating is dangerous to us. Even in our world.”

He rose from his perch on the sofa arm and stretched again.

Payson was shocked to sense a bone-weary exhaustion in him. That shouldn’t happen; they hadn’t exchanged blood, so why could he sense Riley’s emotions?

“Yeah, well, the first one who comments on it is going to get decked,” Payson said, trying to distract himself.

He didn’t care what anyone thought about him, but if they started having a go, just because he was friends with a girl he didn’t fancy or because he was gay, he would do some damage.

1.5 The Lost and Lonely

One orphan boy. One new family. One big secret.

Phil always thought his life was going to be chaotic. Orphaned as a child and having grown up in foster care, his boyfriend Logan is the only shining light in his world, along with Phil’s two foster sisters, Ella and Estelle. But when Estelle goes off to a fancy new boarding school, suddenly everything changes. His life won’t always be dark and lonely, but it will no longer be simple, either. When the Sutherland’s enter his life, Phil has to question what secrets he’s willing to keep and where the word ‘magical’ fits into his normal, human life.


Phil nearly choked on the drag from his cigarette when his phone rang, flashing the Martins’ name on the screen.

Logan turned from where he was choosing a movie with a look of concern.

No one ever called him; the only reason he had the phone was so that he could contact Logan and Estelle, now that she was away at boarding school.

Phil took a deep breath and placed his cigarette on the ashtray on the coffee table. They were downstairs, since Logan’s parents were away on a weekend sailing trip. They wouldn’t be back for two days, so he could leave the confines of Logan’s bedroom and wander the house freely.

He lifted his mobile carefully. It was the only luxury he’d been allowed, so that his foster parents could get in touch with him if he was supposed to return home for a surprise inspection. Even then, they would send a brief, demanding text. Never a phone call. Yelling at him was fine, apparently, but God forbid his foster folks actually had to talk to him.

“Hello?” he answered, nervous about what was going to happen.

“Phil, get home now. The social worker’s coming by in two hours. You have ten minutes to get on the bus. Text us when you do, so we know when to expect you,” his foster father explained before hanging up.

It gave him no time to argue.

Phil looked up at Logan, disappointed and upset that their time together was being cut short. “I’m sorry. I have to go,” he apologised, explaining the phone call as he got to his feet and approached his boyfriend on the other side of the room.

Logan sighed and turned away, looking as disappointed as he felt.

Phil cupped his face in his hands, not sure there was anything he could say to make it better. “I’ll call as soon as they’ve left. I might be able to get back here tonight,” he said, giving him what little hope he could.

Logan looked doubtful, but nodded. “I’ll be sitting here, staring at my phone.”

Phil believed him. He ducked in for a quick kiss, before backing away again. “I better go.”

Ten minutes after a difficult goodbye, he sat on the bus, texting his foster parents that he was on his way back. Not home. No. That was Logan. Logan was his home, and he was leaving him behind to go somewhere he didn’t want to be. But at least his foster father had sounded angrier with the social worker for the surprise visit than with him for taking off in the dead of night, again.

Phil walked into the house and went straight up to his room to hide his overnight bag under his bed. He didn’t want anyone finding it if they did a search of his room. It was usually just a cursory check from the doorway, but it wouldn’t look good to have what might look like a runaway bag already packed.

He headed downstairs after giving his room a quick clean, hiding the cigarettes and ashtray he wasn’t supposed to have. He’d even hidden his art work, just to be extra careful.

“What’s going on?” Phil wondered as he walked into the living room to find Ella playing with her doll on the sofa. He sat beside her, unsurprised that she snuggled in.

It had barely been a few days since Estelle had left them for her posh school in Glencoe, so he had no hopes that he and Ella were about to join her.

“No idea. Just sprang it on us, as if we don’t have other things to do,” his foster mother said.

The poor excuse for a father patted her shoulder and actually explained. “She called ten minutes before we called you to say that she was coming over. No explanations, no reason. I asked if it had anything to do with Estelle, but she said no. It’s about you two,” he said, actually sounding confused.

Phil had to admit, he was, too. As far as he could remember, he hadn’t done anything wrong, lately. He had his agreement with his foster parents, so they couldn’t have ratted on him to the social worker, unless they found out some other way.

“I asked you to come right home because I need your help,” Mister Martin said. “She said you were both to pack your belongings. Everything you have. And anything Estelle might have left behind,” he continued, frowning to himself.

Immediately, Phil began to panic. Logan was only an hour away, but if he moved or was moved against his will, who knew if he would even get to see him again. And he couldn’t explain that to his foster parents, because they were homophobic.

With his heart thudding inside his chest, he made his way upstairs and began to pack everything he and Ella owned into two rucksacks that his foster father provided. They were worn and battered, so he guessed they were old junk from the attic. As long as they held his stuff, he didn’t care.

Phil pulled out his phone while he packed, dialling out to Logan. It was only fair to give him warning.

“Hey, gorgeous. Are you calling to say you got home? Or, please say that she cancelled?” he answered hopefully.

“No such luck. Logan…” He sighed and wet his lips, not sure how to say it. “Logan, we’ve been told to pack,” he explained briefly, sure that was all it needed.

There was silence on the other end, before his boyfriend spoke to fill it. “By who?”

“My foster dad,” Phil replied, calmly. “He said that’s why we were given two hours’ notice. The social worker told him that Ella and I are to be packed and, if Estelle’s left anything, we’re to take that, too. I don’t know what it means,” he confessed, feeling as if his whole world was falling apart.

“All I can think is that we’re being moved on,” Phil explained. “Maybe they know the Martins don’t really like us or they’re only after the money, or maybe it’s something I’ve done … I don’t know. I just…” He rubbed his forehead, worried that his life was going to break into pieces.

“I know, babe,” Logan replied with a deep sigh. “You want me to know that you love me. I know that. And I love you.” He could almost hear Logan’s smile as he talked; probably sad and sweet, with a little pout. “No matter what happens, that won’t change,” he promised.

“I’ll call you again, if I can, once I know what’s happening,” he vowed in return.

“Yes. And Phil?” He sounded unsure, so he hummed to let him know he was listening. “If you can, I want to see you tonight. Only if it won’t get you in trouble,” he asked softly.

“I know. I love you.”

“Don’t say goodbye,” Logan whispered.

“I wasn’t planning on it.” Phil hung up before he could start crying.

He hated living in foster care. If he had a normal family, things like that wouldn’t happen. But he didn’t and he had to get over that.

With a sigh, he switched off his phone. Some social workers didn’t like getting interrupted by phones, and others thought them a luxury he shouldn’t have. But he’d bought it with money the Martins had given him, and they told him it was his forever, as long as he did chores to earn his monthly bill tariff of only ten quid. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to keep in touch with Logan.

But, if he moved, he would lose even that small luxury.

Phil slammed his fist into the wall in frustration.

Life just wasn’t fair.

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Elaine White is the author of multi-genre romance, covering everything from paranormal, crime and contemporary. Growing up in a small town and fighting cancer in her early teens taught her that life is short and dreams should be pursued. Living vicariously through her independent, and often hellion characters, she lives comfortably at home with a pack of wolves cleverly disguised as one standard poodle.

The Winner of two Watty Awards – Collector's Dream (An Unpredictable Life) and Hidden Gem (Faithfully) – she has explored the worlds of multiple genres, but remains a romantic at heart. A self-professed geek, Elaine has fallen in love with reading and writing LGBT romance, offering diversity in both genre and character within her stories.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Roman's Vengeance by Grein Murray Blog Tour


My name is Grein Murray and I’m an MM romance writer. I have written the Joshua series as well as the His Fallen Angel and Dancer’s series. I also have a stand alone book called, Capturing Oliver. 

I’ve always been intrigued by angels and had done some research about the archangels and fallen angels throughout my life. I added my own twist when my mind started forming the character of Alexander who is a “New Angel.  New Angels are angels that were created after the fall of Lucifer/Apollyon. The New Angels work to help humanity as much as they can, but are up against the Fallen Angels. 

In the first book, His Fallen Angel, Alexander is captured by a high ranking Fallen Angel but is surprisingly rescued by one of the Fallen, Roman. As Roman does his best to keep Alexander safe, they fall in love. They face a lot of challenges in book one, but even more in Roman’s Vengeance. Alexander is driven to prove his worth and that he can take care of himself, but he and the rest of the New Angels and Elder’s are up against very powerful Fallen. There is an interesting twist that is revealed about the Elder’s and New Angels in Roman’s Vengeance. I hope everyone that reads my books, enjoys them and falls in love with my characters. 

★ His Fallen Angel Book 2 ★

Kindle Edition, 176 pages
Genre: M/M Romance
Published September 29th, 2016

Continued unrest with the Fallen means that The Elders and New Angels can never let their guard down. The Fallen are up to something bigger than they were led to believe.

Roman and Alexander’s bond has grown, but that bond is threatened by Roman’s duties as an Elder. Each time Roman is called away, Alexander experiences nightmares that seem more a reality than just a dream, leaving him on edge around Roman. Are these dreams really an omen of things to come?

An impending battle looms over The Elders and the New Angels, can they pull together in their first battle together to defeat the Fallen? Can Alexander and Roman overcome the new challenges they face together?


“Alexander, you know that’s not true and that I love you, don’t you?” Roman dropped his head down so he was eye level with me.

I turned my head closer to his chest so I didn’t have to look into his eyes.

“He also has a nickname for you, Romano.” I closed my eyes tight, hoping to wash away the images that were haunting my mind.

I felt Roman’s body instantly stiffen under mine.

His strong arms pulled me away from his warmth. The expression on his face was of terror and anger combined.

“Alexander, I don’t think these are just random dreams. Corvin used to call me Romano. I never told you that before. I wonder if...” Roman’s words drifted as he worked to put the pieces together of this newfound information I just handed him.

Roman slid me off of his lap and jumped up from the sofa. He paced back and forth in front of me, running his hands through his hair then stopped and looked down at me. I was sitting with my legs pulled up to my chin, because I felt like collapsing in on myself.

“Corvin has invaded your dreams.

★ His Fallen Angel Book 1 ★

Kindle Edition, 154 pages
Published April 1st, 2016

Amazon US | Amazon UK  | Amazon AU  | Amazon CA

New Angels are created to protect mankind on Earth but the Fallen are making this task quite difficult. New Angel, Alexander, is assigned to a rapidly declining area to find out what the Fallen are up to—only he lands in the clutches of a beautiful, yet powerful, Fallen Angel. As help comes from an unlikely ally, Alexander isn’t sure if he should trust Roman or not—but what choice does he have? 

★ Bucket List

1. Visit Australia
2. Go to Egypt
3. Go to Greece
4. Buy a sailboat
5. Live in a tiny house
6. See the Backstreet Boys in concert
7. Become a photographer
8. Go to Harry Potter at Universal in Florida
9. Write a book about Alexander the Great
10. Live on an island

★ Giveaway

 $5.00 Amazon Gift Card

Meet Grein Murray

When I'm not writing I like going to concerts. Music is a big part of my life, I've played bass guitar since I was a teen. I love nature and enjoy hiking and working with causes that help protect our planet and wild animals. 

I have loved books all of my life and have always enjoyed escaping the ordinary world by getting lost in a good book. I read a lot of different genres of books but have fallen in love with MM. I support the gay community and hope one day people will see that love is love and that it is a beautiful thing no matter your gender, race or religion. 

I am an avid animal lover and have quite a collection of pets in my home. I love ancient history and have studied Alexander the Great as well as Egypt and it’s pharaohs. I also am very interested in angels and have researched them and will put that to use in future books. 

I hope that my readers continue to fall in love with my characters and that my stories touch their lives and bring them happiness.

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